a flying start...

just kidding.

I've been drawing fish today, lots of fish. I've also been doing some watercolour tests, I can't decide what technique I should use. I might colour them tomorrow or the next day or the next day. we'll wait and see.

In other news my rabbit and I are sick, we've both been sneezing ourselves silly. Currently he's sitting in front of the fire being warm, I'm going to go and curl up next to him. 
Until tomorrow, rock on.


  1. the technique you used on the right is my favy.

  2. The one on the left stands out more and looks to have more detail though the blue on the right is quite beautiful.
    Good job!

  3. thanks lovely ladies :)
    i've been playing around with it more this week... i ended up using a different style to both of these -.-'
    a little like the one on the right... but crisper.

  4. Oh wow, I love your fish! So gorgeous! They'd make a great fabric design.

  5. i love the big fish pic! I cant wait to see it in color! It is so calming to look at

  6. Lovely - hope we get to see a coloured in version! Although i do love it mono as well :)