If you ever watched the tv series friends you might remember the magnadoodle that was on the back of Joey and Chandler's door. Every episode the magnadoodle would have something new drawn or written on it. 
I've  got my own magnadoodle, I've had it since I was small so it's looking a little worse for wear, when I moved out I brought it with me and now it lives on the shelf in our apartment. 
My flatmate and I often draw things or write messages to each other on it and when friends visit they do it too. I love it because it generates conversation and ideas. 
Surround yourself with fun creative things that you can play with... big kids need to have fun too. 


  1. haha this is great,
    whenever i watch friends i always try to see what they have on the magnadoodle.
    i love the idea of it, so much more fun than a note pad :)

  2. haha, trust you to mingle friends onto this page somehow! love it!