in the stars.

I finally drew a little something to celebrate the year of the rabbit. My little bunny Ralph is living in the stars now, along with so many other much loved bunnies.

This year is promising to be such a big year for bunnies, already it has begun with the worst myxomatosis season on record. So many families are losing their beloved little buns because of this cruel and fatal disease. Though it could be easily prevented the vaccine is illegal in Australia due to fears that the wild rabbit population might also become immune to the virus, however these fears are unreasonable. The vaccine is legal in England and the wild population has remained unaffected, it is heartbreaking and unfair that it is not available here.

If you would like to support australian bunnies you can help by signing this petition.
Please do, it will only take a moment.
If you'd like to know more or take action visit radical rabbit.

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