bunny love ♥ nail tutorial

step 1: collect your materials. you will need at least 3 colours and a top coat.
for my colours i chose pink, white and black. i used a white sally hansen nail art pen for extra embellishments and revitanail for my top coat. you will also need a bobby pin or a toothpick for details and it's a good idea to keep a tissue or two handy for any mishaps!

 step 2: apply your base coat and allow it to dry, you may need to do two coats.

 step 3: to create the bunny faces you will use three strokes starting with the ears.
using your brush make two skinny strokes for each ear and one fat stroke in the middle for the bunny face. for the rounded ears let the polish drip to the end of your brush before applying. allow them to dry before moving on to the next step.

step 4: taking the black polish make a small blob on a piece of tissue.
using a bobby pin dip one of the rounded ends in the polish and apply dots carefully to the nail to make eyes for your bunnies (you could also use a toothpick for this step).
at this point i added my final decorations using the nail art pen, if you don't have a pen you can do this using a toothpick or you can skip it and paint more bunnies on your other nails creating a bunny army at your fingertips!

step 5: once you've finished your embellishments and your nails are dry apply a top coat to protect your pretty designs.

enjoy showing off your super cute nails!

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