another bunday

Not too long ago I visited my lovely friend Emma of monster creations for a very rabbity craft day. I made some bunny biscuits to take along (we ate them before I took a photo but I'll post them here another day along with the recipe), Emma baked cupcakes, made me a very bunny hot chocolate which was both adorable and delicious (I'll share a photo of this soon too!) and I got to meet Junior! Junior is one of the loveliest bunnies, he had a wonderful time bouncing around while we were creating things and he sprang onto the couch a number of times to say hello to me. As it turned out he was quite a willing model as well and posed for a bunch of photos for me, so I now have a little stockpile of beautiful bunny pictures to look at for inspiration! I've already started a couple of drawings, I can't wait to share them with you.
Have a lovely bunday! xx ♥

My what big ears you have!

Junior on the couch with a few of Emma's monster creations.

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