in the stars, avant card.

To celebrate the year of the rabbit avant card has chosen to print some rabbity designs. One of them is the star bunny I drew earlier this year. Because of the fatal myxomatosis virus my little bunny Ralph is living in the stars, along with so many other much loved bunnies. Pick up one of these free postcards from an avant card venue and help spread the word that Australia needs to legalise the myxomatosis vaccine!

Can't make it to an avant card distributer? send your details to me at with 'rabbit' as the subject and i'll send one your way. xxx

If you would like to support australian bunnies you can help by signing this petition.

Please do, it will only take a moment.

If you'd like to know more or take action visit radical rabbit.


  1. i saw these they look great sally!!!
    my man and i were considering getting a rabbit...i want to get your rush, next term.

  2. ah that's so exciting! i'd love to offer any information i can :)
    i saw your cards online too, they are so sweet i plan to pick some up when i see them.
    i can't wait to talk bunnies with you next term!