midnight animal troupe

"the cat had such sparkling eyes that they shone like a torch, the dog barked and acted as sentinel, the cock crowed to frighten the lions, the parrot chattered so loudly that people thought a great company of persons must be talking, and thus robbers left a free passage to our travellers, and the sheep walking a few paces in advance, prevented her falling into the big holes he himself had some trouble in avoiding."The Pigeon and the Dove from The Fairy Tales of Madame D'Aulnoy

Hello there friends! I have been hiding, but I'm back again and I have a new illustration to share with you! "midnight animal troupe" is the partner to "the best of friends" which you can see in my previous post. I really enjoyed drawing them both, I think I'd like to do more childrens book illustrations in the future.
I also have a new scanner and new mac so you can expect to see a lot more posts from me from now on! as soon as i figure out how they work...


  1. Love your drawings Sall, always checking your blog out!