I haven't blogged in a while, not only that I also have not been drawing as much as I should be.
In fact I haven't been drawing at all, not even a little bit and it's making me sad.
My reason is that I just don't have time.

Isn't that the silliest excuse you've ever heard?

I have so many ideas in my head that my fingers are just itching to put onto a page and today I decided I was going to make time. Sure my room needs cleaning and there's a pile of washing to be done before work but those things will always be there.
Right now creativity is calling.

make time for the things you love, don't waste your life doing the things you hate.


  1. Sally your work is Amazing! Well said, wish i had more time to get my creativity flowing and do some arty stuff! And Uni has not even started yet..Love the drawings x

  2. Love your cuz Kara! :D

  3. aw thank you miss, you're lovely! i wondered who was commenting, thanks for telling me it was you. xx